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Harare, Zimbabwe, 3 - 14 December 1998

The Harare carving, from which the Assembly logo was taken.

"Because Christ has chosen us to be friends, because Christ has appointed us to bear fruit that will last, because Christ has commanded us to love one another; with God's help we are confident to say: We intend to stay together."

In 1998, the 8th Assembly gathered in Southern Africa in a context marked by a history of injustice and struggles for liberation. Despite fresh disagreements among the churches, the Assembly theme "Turn to God, Rejoice in Hope" signalled the recommitment of the member churches of WCC as the fellowship marked its Jubilee anniversary."

What the Assembly did

  • It called for a special WCC focus on Africa at the beginning of the 21st century;
  • it expressed support for WCC member churches in Africa as they work to create a just society, to "overcome the scourge of HIV/AIDS", and to establish "appropriate ethical values in work, governance and management";
  • it urged member churches to work through their governments and United Nations' organizations to encourage respect for human rights, promotion of an alternative economic order, debt relief, reductions in the arms trade and peace with justice in the Sudan, the Great Lakes region and other areas of conflict;
  • it approved a background paper on Sudan, outlining the history of the present conflict and of WCC peace initiatives and supporting ongoing peacemaking efforts by the Sudan Ecumenical Forum and the Inter-Governmental Agency for Development.

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Official report of the Assembly

The youth choir from the Christian Council Diocese of West Tanganyka, Tanzania