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Evanston, 15-31 August 1954

Evanston lifted up the one who is forever our living way: "Christ -- the hope of the world." We claim this hope again, a costly hope, crucified and risen in power before us. Hail to the Christ, the name beyond all names!


Evanston, 1954

The 2nd Assembly took place in 1954 at Evanston, Illinois. The only WCC assembly to date held in the United States, it to some degree reflected - and certainly reflected on - the East-West tensions of the cold war. The Assembly took the theme "Christ - the Hope of the World" and divided its work into six sections: 

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Our oneness in Christ and our disunity as churches.

The mission of the church to those outside her life.

The responsible society in a world perspective.

Christians in the struggle for world community.

The churches amid racial and ethnic tension.

The laity: the Christian in his vocation.