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Inspired by traditional Christian symbols

The WCC's 9th Assembly logo was created to promote recognition of the Assembly theme and event. It represents both the hand of God and a praying hand; creation and the cross; the spirit of peace in the form of a dove; and the covenant rainbow in the background. It is designed to be in harmony with the WCC logo, which represents a boat and a cross.

The logo designed for the 9th Assembly of the World Council of Churches was inspired by the traditional Christian symbols of the cross and the boat, and incorporates elements of the Assembly theme and context, contained in a circle of life and of the world.

The open hand uses an iconographic style to imply the hand of God, carrying and caring for His creation. The hand also represents supplication and prayer, echoing the Assembly theme. The hand is red, a symbol of martyrdom, and a reminder that God's redemption is costly.

On the right-hand side are three arched lines representing a rainbow - symbol of God's covenant, grace, as well as transformation and new life. The rainbow's colours discreetly suggest the Brazilian national colours and the stripes also recall the wings of a dove - an appropriate symbol for an assembly which marks the mid-term of the Decade to Overcome Violence.

Similarly, the olive branch evokes covenant and creation, and suggests transformation, breaking out of the circle and leaning forward to the future. It contains the shape of the cross, echoing the 'oikoumene' symbol, transfigured and hopeful.

Designed by Edwin Hassink, a Dutch designer based in Geneva.

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