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Vancouver, 24 July - 10 August, 1983

For the celebration of the eucharist during the Lima Liturgy, unleavened bread was baked on campus by a cook; the ceramic chalices and pitchers with an ecumenical logo were hand-made by a local potter.

In Vancouver we gathered in faith before you, "Jesus Christ -- the life of the world". We stood in wonder before the defeat of death, determined as now to reveal your victory, made real before the eyes of all people.

Vancouver, British Columbia, welcomed the 6th Assembly in 1983 to the western shores of Canada. A renewed emphasis on common worship was experienced under the great white tent standing beneath the summer sun. Hope for closer fellowship arose from dialogue on the Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry (BEM) document, and such ecumenical experiments as the Lima Liturgy. At the same time, the nuclear threat and neo-colonialism glowered like dark clouds on the horizon. The Assembly proclaimed its theme: "Jesus Christ - the Life of the World", and carried out its work in the following issue groups:

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Witnessing in a divided world.

Taking steps towards unity.

Moving towards participation.

Healing and sharing life in community.

Confronting threats to peace and survival.

Struggling for justice and human dignity.

Learning in community

Communicating credibly.