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Amsterdam, 22 August - 4 September 1948

In Amsterdam we recognized the disorder of humankind in the face of your design for the world. Your design is the glory of a world reconciled to you and signed by the harmonies in all creation. We wait in hope for it still.

It was on the 23rd of August 1948, in Amsterdam, that the World Council of Churches was officially founded. 147 churches from different confessions and many countries came together to commit themselves to the ecumenical movement.

At the 1st Assembly in 1948, meeting in post-war Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the Council addressed - and was addressed by - the Assembly theme "Man's Disorder and God's Design". Four sections were organized to examine aspects of this theme:

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the universal church in God's design 

the church's witness to God's design

the church and the disorder of society

the church and the international disorder.