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Previous assemblies

First Assembly

Place: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dates: 22 August to 4 September, 1948
Theme: Man's Disorder and God's Design
Member churches: 147
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Second Assembly

Place: Evanston, Illinois, USA
Dates: 15-31 August, 1954
Theme: Christ - the Hope of the World
Member churches: 161
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Third Assembly

Place: New Delhi, India
Dates: 19 November to 5 December, 1961
Theme: Jesus Christ - the Light of the World
Member churches: 197
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Fourth Assembly

Place: Uppsala, Sweden
Dates: 4-20 July, 1968
Theme: Behold, I make all things new
Member churches: 235
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Fifth Assembly

Place: Nairobi, Kenya
Dates: 23 November to 10 December, 1975
Theme: Jesus Christ Frees and Unites
Member churches: 285
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Sixth Assembly

Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Dates: 24 July to 10 August, 1983
Theme: Jesus Christ - the Life of the World
Member churches: 301
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Seventh Assembly

Place: Canberra, Australia
Dates: 7-20 February, 1991
Theme: Come, Holy Spirit - Renew the Whole Creation
Member churches: 317
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Eighth Assembly

Place: Harare, Zimbabwe
Dates: 3-14 December, 1998
Theme: Turn to God - Rejoice in Hope
Member churches: 336
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