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Canberra, 7-20 February 1991

At the WCC's 7th Assembly in Canberra, Australia, member churches met around the theme "Come Holy Spirit - renew the whole ceation".

"Come, Holy Spirit -- renew the whole creation" was the longing prayer in Canberra. You, and you only, O God, are the source of our renewal. We bowed in humble faith before you, offering ourselves to work with you, in the power and truth of your Spirit.

In 1991, the 7th Assembly met in Canberra, Australia, taking as its theme "Come, Holy Spirit - Renew the Whole Creation!" It was the first time a theme had explicitly invoked the third person of the Trinity, and it did so in the context of the physical universe. Sections were organized under four sub-themes:

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"Giver of life - sustain your creation!"

"Spirit of truth - set us free!"

"Spirit of unity - reconcile your people!"

"Holy Spirit - transform and sanctify us!"