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Speaking on public issues

Today, delegates are being asked to adopt proposed texts of statements on "public issues", including UN reform, Latin America, water, and terrorism, guidelines on the "responsibility to protect", and a minute on nuclear disarmament. Such statements offer policy guidance to churches by assisting them to bring international issues to governments, inter-governmental organizations and other important political structures.

Finances, central commitee elections and the Assembly message

Winding up their work the Finances, Nominations and Message Committees present the results of their deliberations to the delegates, and request approval of their decisions and of the Assembly message text.

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Spiritual life

"God in your grace, transform our witness" is the last of the six variants on the Assembly theme. The Bible passages, 2 Corinthians 3:18, Mark 4:26-29 and Luke 13:20-21, are about the unveiling of a transformed reality through the power of the Holy Spirit. Today's worship symbol is bread, a reference to our most basic needs and to God's gracious gifts on which our lives depend.

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