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Welcome to Porto Alegre

Inspired by its central theme, the Assembly's opening ceremony conveys, in music, drama and dance, a message about our capacity to transform the world, about the importance of material and spiritual communion, work and sharing. Some 50 actors from the Drama Warehouse, a Brazilian theatre troupe, are involved in the ceremony, and children from a poor neighbourhood welcome participants to Porto Alegre with a samba.

Reviewing past work

Today the Assembly receives advice on how consensus procedures will work, and reviews activities within the ecumenical fellowship between the 8th and 9th Assemblies. Members of the WCC's governing bodies use images, story-telling and sound to present key insights in, and lessons from, the Harare to Porto Alegre report.

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Spiritual life

The opening service is built around the prayer chosen as the 9th Assembly's theme: "God, in your grace, transform the world". The emphasis on the last two words of the prayer invites participants to reflect on transformation in the here and now of "the world".

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