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Doing the work

At the start of the Assembly, a series of committees is appointed. These committees are responsible for preparing much of the subsequent business for action by the Assembly. The committees review work since the last Assembly, propose future programmatic priorities, and issue statements on issues of public concern. Committees also prepare the election of new governing bodies and will draft a public message from the Assembly. From the list of delegates submitted by member churches, the central and executive committees prepare nominations for each of these committees.

There were eight committees working during the Assembly:

Business Committee

Formed by the officers, presidents and other Assembly delegates, the committee coordinated the daily business and agenda of the Assembly. Its membership included representatives from all other Assembly committees.

Worship Committee

Responsible for the rich spiritual life of the Assembly, the committee organized the daily worship prepared by the Assembly worship committee and coordinated other prayer services during the Assembly.

Policy Reference Committee

Presented recommendations for Assembly action on the reports of the moderator and general secretary, relations with member churches and other partners, and reviewed amendments to the Constitution and Rules of the WCC.

Programme Guidelines Committee

Reviewed the evaluation and reports since the 8th Assembly, and prepared and presented for adoption by the Assembly a report making recommendations for future work.

Public Issues Committee

Prepared and presented for adoption draft statements on selected issues of international concern, including ecumenical engagement in peace-building, human rights and justice.

Finance Committee

Discussed the finances of the WCC over the past seven years and financial projections for the period ahead and proposed general guidelines regarding financial matters for the new central committee to follow.

Nominations Committee

The committee was formed by delegates and, based on the recommendations from member churches and regional meetings of delegates, made proposals for the election of presidents and new members of the central committee from among the delegates

Message Committee

The committee drafted and presented for adoption by the Assembly a text which captured the experience and hopes of those gathered in Porto Alegre. This message was intended to serve as an inspiration to Christians and the churches in their ecumenical commitment, and offer a clear and convincing Christian witness to the world at large.