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WCC officers' reports

The WCC moderator's and general secretary's reports supply the context and set the tone for the Assembly's life and work. In his role of outgoing moderator, Aram I shares his views on how churches might build a "relevant and credible ecumenism" in the current "period of upheavals and tenacity", while WCC general secretary Samuel Kobia describes an ecumenical movement grounded in spirituality, daring to work for transformative justice, and putting relationships at the centre.

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Spiritual life

With the prayer "God, in your grace, transform the world", today's worship services again focus on the here and now as the locus for transformation. The scripture passages, "Liberty to the captives and release to the prisoners" (Is. 61:1-4; Luke 4: 16-21), symbolized by broken chains, evoke Jesus' ministry of good news to the oppressed and healing to the broken-hearted, recall Latin America's history of slavery, colonialism and empire, and remind us that Latin Americans have led churches to embrace a transformational theology of liberation.

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