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"God, in your grace, transform the world"

was the theme chosen for the WCC's 9th Assembly. This theme used the language of prayer to inspire and focus the efforts of the Assembly. All the words used were rich with meaning: God, grace, transformation, world.

In the midst of a secularized and despairing world, invoking God to transform the world is in itself a proclamation, a witness to the liberating and life-giving message of the Gospel. The theme emphasized our prayerful dependence on God, and pointed us forward hopefully to the fulfilment of God's purpose of fullness of life for all.

The official translations of the Assembly theme are:

  • God, in your grace, transform the world (English)
  • Deus, em tua graça, transforma o mundo (Portuguese)
  • In deiner Gnade, Gott, verwandle die Welt (German)
  • Dios, en tu gracia, transforma el mundo (Spanish)
  • Transforme le monde, Dieu, dans ta grâce (French)