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The stewards' programme at the Assembly

At the Assembly, the stewards are a special group of participants. The Assembly stewards' programme lasted from 9 to 26 February 2006 and included the following phases:

  • 9 Feb - Arrival,
  • 10 Feb - Orientation,
  • 11-13 Feb - Pre-Assembly Youth Event,
  • 14-23 Feb - Assembly
  • 24-25 Feb - Conclusion of work, evaluation,
  • 26 Feb - Departure.

The programme brought together 150 young people from all over the world and allowed them to contribute to the running of the Assembly. It also provided a space for ecumenical learning, encounters and discussions.

"Work, pray and sweat"

Being a steward means hard work - often exhausting, intense and under pressure of short deadlines. The main tasks related to the Conference Room, Documentation, Press Office, Sound, Visual Arts, Sales, Worship and other areas such as general administration, sorting mail, delivering messages, etc.

Learning and contributing

Apart from the work, stewards have a unique opportunity to participate in and contribute to the life of the Assembly. As a community of young people from different churches, countries and cultures, stewards bring their faith, backgrounds and visions to an ecumenical experience of togetherness and friendship. Being a steward is a challenge, fosters involvement and participation, and may indeed change a young person's life. The Stewards Programme is only the beginning of a long process. It encourages young people to continue the journey of ecumenism.

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