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Dialogue with other religions

Participants in a June 2005 WCC conference on "A critical moment in inter-religious dialogue".

We live in a world where forces of cultural homogenization are at work. At the same time, communities and individuals alike often manifest the search for distinctiveness. In some cases, religious and cultural differences are blurred or even ignored. In other cases, they are exaggerated. Religious plurality poses an unprecedented challenge to Christians in most parts of the world. It is embraced or feared. It is also embraced and feared. In many ways, better relations with neighbours of other religions are sought. Yet relations between religious communities are marked, in many places, by suspicion or hostility.

The 9th Assembly offered an opportunity to assess the present state of interreligious relations on a global level, look at how Christians are addressing the changing interreligious context in which they live, and focus on the common responsibility of Churches in fellowship and the various possibilities of increased cooperation between them in the area of interreligious dialogue and cooperation.

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