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Guidelines on how to use the logo

1. Versions of the logo

There are three versions of the logo:

  • Four colour versions
  • Black version (for photocopied documents and faxes)
  • White version (to be used on dark backgrounds)

The logo can be downloaded from the Assembly website and is available in gif and Illustrator formats.

2. Guidelines for logo usage

The logo is a graphic entity and should be used with the text identifying it as the logo of the WCC 9th Assembly, with the venue and dates. The logo should always be used to communicate and promote the WCC 9th Assembly, and should be used on all related documents and publications. The logo may be used by WCC 9th Assembly Office, member churches, ecumenical councils, agencies and partners.

3. Colours

The 'WCC red' colour used in the assembly logo and in the WCC logo is:
(c/m/y/k = cyan/magenta/yellow/black)
red = pms 1797c (c/m/y/k: 0/100/99/4)
The colours of the logo for re-printing are:
blue = c/m/y/k: 91/12/0/0
yellow = c/m/y/k: 5/10/94/0
green = c/m/y/k: 47/14/92/5

The pantone colours for the logo are:
red = pms 1797
yellow = pms 109
blue = pms 3005
green = pms 370 

4. Typeface

The font used for the logo and related text is 'Syntax'.