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Welcome to the Assembly online press room!

Below is an easy-access index of the 9th Assembly's statements, main documents, reports, and presentations as well as information on the new WCC central committe and presidium.


New WCC central committee and presidium

Statements and other documents adopted by the Assembly

International affairs

  • Statement on terrorism, counter-terrorism and human rights

  • Vulnerable populations at risk. Statement on the responsibility to protect
  • Statement on UN Reform
  • Statement on Water for life
  • Statement on Latin America
  • Minute on mutual respect, responsibility and dialogue with people of other faiths
  • Minute on the elimination of nuclear arms

Christian unity and message to the churches

  • Called to be the one church
    An invitation to the churches to renew their commitment to the search for unity and to deepen their dialogue
  • "God, in your Grace, Transform the World"
    Message of the WCC 9th Assembly: An Invitation to Prayer

WCC institutional issues

  • Report of the Programme Guidelines Committee
    Directions and priorities for future WCC programmatic work

  • Report of the Policy Reference Committee
    Policy guidelines for future relationships with member churches, non member churches and ecumenical organizations
  • Report of the Finance Committee
    Guidelines on income strategy, working methods and staffing policies and other financial trends and issues
  • Report on pre-Assembly programme evaluation
    An assessment of the WCC programmatic work in terms of its relevance, impact and church ownership (2004)

Other documents and presentations dealt with by the Assembly

Background information for press

Please find below two-page documents ('press dossiers') with concise information about some of the relevant issues at the WCC's agenda.