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WCC turns spotlight on Latin American culture




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Latin American culture received the spotlight - literally and figuratively - at the 9th Assembly Sunday evening. Delegates and others attending the event enjoyed a sampling of the region's music, dance, and traditions in a "grand cultural event".


Following an afternoon plenary session focusing on Latin America, musical groups performed at sites across the campus. On the steps just outside the plenary hall, an Argentinian choir of about 40 people performed first, followed by a smaller Cuban group. The Cubans, some of them waving small flags, had a large crowd at the bottom of the steps clapping and singing along as it sang "O Freedom!" and the popular "Guantanamera".


Elsewhere, Central American singer Rubén Pagura's energetic music could be heard far beyond the tent where he was performing. A crowd enthusiastically clapped along as he mixed guitar and singing with harmonica.


The literal spotlight turned on slightly later, on a large stage erected behind the Assembly's worship tent. A huge crowd filled most of the hundreds of plastic chairs that had been set up in front of the stage, and many others stood. As one participant said upon entering the area, "Everyone's down here!"


The programme began with a Brazilian group, filling the stage with a troupe that danced in colourful costumes while a band played and sang beside them. The group, from Belém, was one of several emphasizing the causes of indigenous peoples.


Following them were a host of groups and musicians from other parts of Latin America - including popular Argentinian singer Victor Heredia and a wooden flute group from Bolivia. Many of the groups use their music to promote peace and justice concerns.


The Porto Alegre gathering is the first WCC Assembly to be held in Latin America.

Assembly website:www.wcc-assembly.info


Contact in Porto Alegre:+55 / 51 8419.2169