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Below is one of a selection articles found in an attempt to gauge the impact in the media of the WCC's 9th Assembly. Since it appeared in an independent publication, this article neither represents nor necessarily reflects the official policy of the World Council of Churches.




World's Churches Must Address Crisis in Uganda, Speaker Says


PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil (UMNS) - Children in northern Uganda are dying at the rate of 1,000 per week, and the world's churches need to take notice.

That was the plea and challenge issued by Olara Otunnu, a Ugandan and former under-secretary general of the United Nations, during a Feb. 18 plenary on "Overcoming Violence" at the World Council of Churches' 9th Assembly in Porto Alegre.

For the past 10 years, nearly 2 million people - 80 percent of whom are women and children - have been forced into "concentration camps" in northern Uganda by the government, according to Otunnu. The situation amounts to genocide, he said. (...)