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Below is one of a selection articles found in an attempt to gauge the impact in the media of the WCC's 9th Assembly. Since it appeared in an independent publication, this article neither represents nor necessarily reflects the official policy of the World Council of Churches.




Life giving agriculture offers new way to do mission


Workshops on life giving agriculture were among the most popular at the World Council of Churches (WCC) Assembly in February. </td></tr><tr valign="top"></tr></tr><td></td></td></td>
Around 100 delegates arrived to the first seminar and 50 to the second about a method of farming that helps small farmers grow crops without the use of chemicals and to produce goods at a price affordable to the poor in their own communities.</td></tr>

CWM executive secretary for mission programme Rev Dr Jooseop Keum co-organised the seminar with other members of the Ecumenical Coalition for Alternatives to Globalisation. The coalition is promoting life giving agriculture as a response to large agricultural corporations' favouring of big farmers, emphasis on export and use of GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds, pesticides, chemical fertilisers and machinery. (...)