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Below is one of a selection articles found in an attempt to gauge the impact in the media of the WCC's 9th Assembly. Since it appeared in an independent publication, this article neither represents nor necessarily reflects the official policy of the World Council of Churches.




A Letter That Craves a Speedy Answer


After the US Conference to the World Council of Churches presented its letter to the 9th Assembly of the WCC in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in February, the Very Reverend Leonid Kishkovsky, the US Conference moderator, commented that it would cause "anguish" and "division" among church members at home. And well it should.

But the letter ought to elicit a strong reaction among Christians who aren't affiliated with the WCC, among people who aren't Christians, and among people who aren't Americans; for all decent human beings ought to condemn religious leaders when they forsake a devotion to truth for a devotion to politics. With that thought in mind, we take our cue from Shakespeare's line that "This letter, madam, craves a speedy answer." (...)